Senior researcher Indrė Kučinskaitė-Kodzė

Education, specialty acquired

– 2005-2011: Doctoral studies in Chemistry Engineering  at Biotechnology Institute.
– 2003-2005: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Master's degree in Bioengineering.
– 1999-2003: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering.

A degree:

– 2011: Doctor's degree in Chemistry Engineering and Biotechnology. Thesis topic: "Generation, Characterization and Application of New Monoclonal Antibodies against Viral Antigens".


Generation of monoclonal antibodies, antibody purification methods, immunochemistry analysis methods, investigation of protein immunogenic and antigenic properties, work with experimental animals, work with cell cultures, preparing the primary cell cultures; investigation of cell activation markers, molecular biology methods, creation of virus identification methods, creation of diagnostics systems.

Foreign languages: English, Russian

Professional experience:

– 2017: a senior researcher at Imunodiagnostika, UAB.
– 2015: a senior researcher at Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre.
– 2012-2015: a researcher at Immunology and Cell Biology Department of Vilnius University Biotechnology Institute.
– 2009-2012: a junior researcher at Immunology and Cell Biology Department of Vilnius University Biotechnology Institute.
– 2006-2008: a bioengineer at Immunology and Cell Biology Laboratory of Biotechnology Institute.

Qualification improvement, work experience placements:

– A work  experience placement at Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (Greifswald, Germany, from 12-11-2005 to 02-01-2006), participated in the 3rd International School of Immunologists (Ettal, Germany, from 20-02-2007 to 27-02-2007).
– In 2006, attended the course equivalent to the FELASA qualification requirements (category C), a holder of a permit for work with experimental animals. On a permanent basis participates in various international scientific conferences.
– Publications in the scientific journals.
– A member of professional and public organizations.
– A member of Lithuanian Biochemical Society and a member of Lithuanian Society for Immunology.

Awards for research activities:

– 2011: The prize of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences for the work “Investigation of Recombinant Virus Antigens Properties and Creation and Description of New Monoclonal Antibodies” under the category of research works performed by young Lithuanian scientists.

  • Indrė Kučinskaitė-Kodzė

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